Annual Cross Country Carnival announces new Riley Howell Award

The 19th annual WNC Cross Country Carnival was recently held in Jackson Park, with more than 1,400 athletes competing, representing 55 schools from North and South Carolina.

The meet is put on every year by the coaching staff at T.C. Roberson High School, including coach Andrew Devine. In addition to the awards handed out for each of the top runners in the seven races, there a new award was announced this year in honor of Riley Howell.

T.C. Roberson’s official description of the award is as follows: “Riley reminds us that trophies and titles are not the most valuable acquisitions of cross country competition. Those are for the very few blessed with exceptional talent, determination, and good fortune. Available to all who participate are the more important rewards of the virtues enhanced by our sport. The camaraderie of the team teaches athletes to cherish others. The sanctuary of the trails teaches athletes to cherish the natural world. These values were central to Riley’s character and they are the hallmarks of this yearly honor. Our goal in instituting this award is to emphasize every athlete’s capacity to make a positive impact and to inspire acts of service.”

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Catherine Campbell